Financial Assistance & Student Resources

Graduate Assistantships

For doctoral students, assistantships are available from the School of Education, as well as in other units on campus. In 2006-7 assistantship stipends were $10,549 for 50% (20 hours a week) assignments. In addition, all students working 33% or more receive tuition remission (meaning that tuition is waived). Students who receive assistantships may work as research assistants on faculty grants, as teaching assistants, or as project assistants. Click here for further information about applying for a Graduate Assistantship.

Financial Aid

Financial aid opportunities are also available through the UWM Department of Financial Aid. Services provided include information about grants, loans, student employment, additional scholarship opportunities and the Wisconsin-Minnesota Reciprocity Program. All student applying for financial aid through UWM must also complete a FAFSA:


We also encourage prospective students to apply for scholarships and fellowships that may be available from other sources. The Graduate School offers several different fellowships options for students. These include: Dissertation fellowships, Graduate School Fellowships, & Advanced Opportunity Program Diversity Fellowships. For more information about important dates and application materials click here.

The Graduate School also maintains links to more than 250 external fellowships that are available to graduate students. In addition, UWM offers The Chancellor's Golda Meir Library Scholar Awards which are designed to provide graduate students with the resources necessary to pursue a year's intensive research in their chosen academic fields. Finally, numerous other internal funding sources exist including: loans, work study, student employment and overseas research funds.

Scholarship Opportunities

The School of Education also offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. Click here to find scholarship descriptions, as well as information on eligibility and important application dates.

Finally, the American Psychological Association offers a variety of fellowships and other funding resources.

Resource Links

The university's academic calendar can be found here.

Tuition information for the current and upcoming semesters can be found on the Bursar Office website.