Early Adolescence to Adolescence
Bachelor's and Teacher Certification

The Exceptional Education Department at UWM has a commitment to preparing special education teachers who are culturally responsive and have a passion for making a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. As an undergraduate special education major, students can complete a Bachelor's degree and establish eligibility for a teaching certification in cross-categorical special education at the Early Adolescence to Adolescence (EAA, grades 6-12) level, working with students ages 10-21.

Individuals who already hold a Bachelor's degree can gain EAA special education teacher certification as a Post-Baccalaureate student.

Students in the Post-Baccalaureate EAA program work with faculty members who have expertise in areas such as urban teaching, inclusive education, transition, and assistive technology. The Post-Baccalaureate EAA program participates in the UWM/MPS internship program, which provides opportunities to learn while teaching on-the-job. Many students combine the Post-Baccalaureate certification program with a Master of Science Degree in Exceptional Education.

EAA Special Education Undergraduate Degree

The EAA Special Education undergraduate degree is a course of study (major) leading to a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education. Upon completion, students will have earned a Bachelor's degree and will be eligible to apply for a Cross-categorical Special Education Teaching License from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for ages 10-21 (Grades 6-12).

Program Materials

EAA Program Sheet (PDF)

EAA Focus Area Sheets (PDF)

EAA Undergraduate Application (PDF)

EAA Application Recomendation Form (PDF)

Professional Sequence Admission

The EAA professional sequence is a cohort program that begins a two year course sequence each Fall semester. Applications are due April 1 of the year a student wishes to begin the professional sequence in the Fall. For example, to begin the professional sequence in the Fall 2014 semester, applications are due by April 1, 2014. Generally, students apply to the professional sequence in the final semester of their Sophomore year. Application to the professional sequence does not guarantee admission into the professional sequence.

Students must meet all application requirements as are listed in the application packet as part of the application process. Students who have not officially completed all coursework required to apply at the time of application, but will do so before the beginning of the Fall semester, are encouraged to submit a program application. It is recommended to meet with an advisor to determine the best time to apply.

EAA Post-Baccalaureate Special Education Teacher Certification

The EAA Post-Baccalaureate teacher certification program is for individuals who already hold a Bachelor's Degree. Upon completion, students will be eligible for an Initial Educator teaching license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in Cross-categorical Special Education for ages 10-21 (grades 6-12). This program can be combined with a Master's Degree in Exceptional Education.

Program Length

For individuals with a Bachelor's degree without a teaching license or experience, the program is a two year program.

EAA Two Year Post-Bac Program Sheet (PDF) (for individuals without prior teaching certification)

EAA One Year Post-Bac Program Sheet (PDF) (for individuals with active WI teaching certification)


The EAA program is a cohort model program that begins coursework in the summer. Individuals are encouraged to apply in the fall, or early in spring, for admission consideration. There are specific application deadlines which can be found on our Post-Baccalaureate Admissions page.

The admissions page contains the program application packet, application deadlines, information session dates, and additional application information!

EAA Post-Baccalaureate Add-On Certification

Individuals who hold a special education teaching license in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) or Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence (MCEA) Special Education can add-on EAA certification by completing 9-12 credits of EAA coursework, including a field experience. Contact us at exed@uwm.edu for more information.

UWM/MPS Internship

The EAA program participates in the UWM/MPS Special Education Internship Program. This innovative program provides opportunities for post-baccalaureate special education certification students who have a commitment to teaching in Milwaukee Pubic Schools (MPS) to begin teaching while earning certification.

Interns are teachers-of-record in MPS schools with full pay and benefits while earning certification at UWM. They receive the support of MPS mentor teachers and are supervised by UWM instructors. Learn more: Internship Eligibility.


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