Graduate Assistantships

About Graduate Assistantships

The School of Education has several graduate assistantship positions available each year. Project assistantships are positions working with faculty and departments on administrative and/or research projects. A small number of teaching assistantships have students conducting and supporting classroom instruction.

Graduate assistant (GA) positions carry a stipend and typically also tuition remission. Please see the Stipends and Benefits section for information on the benefits included with graduate assistantships.


Please complete the graduate assistant application below if you would like to be considered for a position. Completed applications are kept in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Engaged Scholarship for review by faculty and departments filling open positions. Appointments are generally made in late spring and early summer for the upcoming academic year.

Please provide specific information on your academic and work experiences and include a resume when you submit your application. The GA positions in the School of Education vary greatly and candidates are typically chosen based on their experiences and qualifications as they relate to individual positions.

Your completed application should be sent, either electronically or by mail, to Kerry Korinek in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Engaged Scholarship.

School of Education,
P.O. Box 413,
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Download the Graduate Assistantship Application (Word)

Stipends & Benefits

All graduate assistantships provide a stipend. Appointments of 33% (12-15 hours per week) or higher include tuition remission and some benefits. For information on stipend rates, please see the assistantship salary & stipend schedules.

Information on health insurance eligibility and other fringe benefits can be found at the Graduate Assistant section of the Human Resources web site. Any questions about fringe benefits should be directed to the Benefits Office,


Teaching and Project Assistant Policies

Complete information on the policies related to graduate assistantships can be found through the UWM Graduate School at

Below are some common policies:

Minimum enrollment requirements must be met each semester in order for GAs to receive tuition remission. Enrollment requirements are based on student status. Follow the link above for specific information.

The School of Education does NOT give free-standing tuition remission. Only GAs with at least a 33% appointment receive remission.

The State of Wisconsin requires a criminal background check for all new employees or for those who have had more than one year away from state employment.

Graduate assistants at UWM are represented by the Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association.


If you have additional questions, contact Kerry Korinek in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Engaged Scholarship, or 414-229-5253.