Clinical Accountability

In this third initiative, our plan is to add further strength to the “On-the-job” component of our program. We are a field-based program and have a long-standing paid, UWM-MPS Internship model that makes extensive mentoring to help candidates address the considerable teaching challenges that arise from learning “on-the-job. With this project, our goal is to restructure the Internship in the following ways: 

  • The UWM-MPS Internship assignment will only be an option for candidates admitted with regular education certification.  These candidates will do a special summer field experience with a skilled special educator, plus coursework/workshops, and will receive extensive mentoring as they “add-on” their new special education teacher role.  Some special education teaching assignments might require more extensive support and mentoring in the first weeks of schools.  Thus, we are creating an Early Teaching Success support system to ensure that classroom routines and structures are working as much as possible “ON DAY ONE.”

  • A newly created, UWM-MPS Pre-Internship will use a co-teaching approach and involves cooperating teachers as “Professional Practice Partners" and Early Teaching Success supports for interns and others.