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November, 9 - 10 & 16 -17

Instructed by

Mike Miller,
Community Organizer   


"Mike Miller has be-
become known as
one of the most
experienced organ-
izers in the nation"

         - Howard Zinn

MIKE MILLER is the founder and Executive Director

of ORGANIZE Training and a widely respected

organizer. in a career spanning 50 years, he has

worked for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating 

Committee (SNCC), organizing legend Saul Alinsky, 

and has played a part in some of the most significant

community mobilizations of the late 20th century.

He has published numerous articles on organizing;

taught urban politics and organizing at Stanford,

University of California, San Francisco State, and

elsewhere; and is the author of the book, "A 

Community Organizer's Tale".

Join this unparalleled opportunity for the Milwaukee

to learn from one of the most experienced and

respected experts in the nation on approaches for

building people power.

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Open to the Community 

This workshop is open to the community, and is also offered as an accelerated 3 Credit Undergraduate or Graduate course.  The workshop will be held in room 110,  Enderis Hall, 2400 East Hartford Avenue, on the UW-Milwaukee campus. See the campus map here for directions.

Workshop Schedule and Resources

The course schedule includes 2 weekends (4 days): November 9 - 10 and 16 - 17 (Sat. and Sun. 10 am - 9:30 pm), plus prior reading and assignments for registered students.  For course content details, contact Dr. Aaron Schutz at

Exciting news for UWM students! 

For those of you who have taken Ed Pol 111, you may retake this course as Ed Pol 501 for credit.  If you are a doctoral student, you may be able to take this course as Ed Pol 711 with instructor consent.  

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