Jeffrey M. Hawkins

Office: Enderis Hall 361
Phone: 414-229-5971

Jeffrey M. Hawkins, Ed. D

Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Jeffrey M. Hawkins teaches social studies education courses and has experience teaching social studies at P-20 levels in New York, San Francisco, Memphis, and Tulsa. He has supervised K-12 social studies interns in Belize, Costa Rica, and the United States. His scholarly interests include anti-bias and culturally responsive curriculum materials via content analysis academic research and anti-bias and culturally responsive teacher preparation and practices via observation practitioner research. 

Jeffrey M. Hawkins received his undergraduate degree in History from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, his M.A. in Social Studies Education from New York University, and his doctorate in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco.

Selected Publications


Hawkins, J. (2012). Don’t ask and don’t tell the lies my teacher told me: A content analysis of LGBTQ portrayals in textbooks. In Heather Hickman & Brad Porfilio (eds.), The New Politics of the Textbook: A Project of Critical Examination and Resistance. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers


Hawkins, J & Buckendorf, M (2010). A current analysis of the treatment of Japanese Americans and internment in United States history textbooks. Journal of International Social Studies 1(1): 34-42.

Hawkins, J (2002). The pit boss: A new stereotype for Native Americans? Multicultural Education 9(4): 15-17.