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Who Are the SSC Student Staff?

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Student Success Center (SSC) student staff are a prestigious group of students who are called upon for their leadership and contributions to the life and culture of the University. We participate in a variety of campus activities, initiatives, and mentoring designed to enhance the experience of all new students, help achieve the University’s goals, and further promote its schools, colleges and other campus units.

The 2014-15 Peer Mentors and Orientation Leaders have been a dynamic group of individuals who helped welcome about 5,000 new students and their families to the UWM community. In the 2015-16 school year, a new group of student leaders will serve as part of the team. You could be a part of it!


  • To better connect new students to UWM and other students during Orientation programs.
  • To provide positive mentoring to new students throughout the academic year.
  • To contribute a sense of UWM community, pride, spirit and tradition.
  • To provide student perspective and leadership in shaping UWM campus initiatives.
  • To represent the best of UWM at on and off-campus UWM sponsored activities and functions.


There are two main roles within the SSC Student Staff program:

  • Welcoming and acclimating new students to the campus during Orientation programs as an Orientation Leader.
  • Providing continuous mentoring and programming to engage all students during the academic year as a Peer Mentor.

During the summer at New Student Orientation, Orientation Leaders will lead small group discussions, assist students with the PAWS registration system, and help them find classroom locations. Orientation Leaders will also welcome the families of new students and inform them about student life at UWM. Through a variety of experiences and opportunities, Orientation Leaders have the power to make a positive and lasting difference in the UWM community and develop great leadership and résumé-building skills in the process. 

The other component to the program extend beyond the summer to the following academic year. Students who engage with the academic and social aspects of college are much more successful and satisfied with their college experience than those who do not.
An effective way to help students engage is through mentoring and supportive activities. UWM is committed to providing active mentoring to all of its students throughout their entire college experience. Peer Mentors are an integral part of student success at UWM. They work with an assigned group of students and the SSC staff to accomplish goals set by UWM which ultimately help build a better campus community.


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Who Are the OUA Student Staff?

The Campus Ambassador (Tour Guide) student staff is a dynamic and unique team that work with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to serve as the face of UWM and assist with helping prospective students and their families in the college decision making process.  These outstanding UWM students are dedicated to making a positive visitor experience, sharing their Panther Pride, and contributing to our welcoming campus community.  The Campus Ambassador team provides a welcoming atmosphere and informative experience for visitors on our campus by providing an engaging campus tour, making personal connections during prospective student events, and by delivering high quality customer service at our Visitors Center Front Desk. 

The college campus visit is one of the most influential factors in which school students decide to attend.  Don’t miss out on being a part of the Campus Ambassador team, helping to create a positive and engaging experience for future UWM Panthers.


  • To serve as a positive UWM student representative and to support a collaborative approach to recruitment, enrollment, and retention.
  • To make personal connections and be a valuable resource by assisting each prospective student and their families by answering their questions and meeting their needs. 
  • To host an exciting and engaging campus tour to support a better connection between prospective students and the UWM campus community.
  • To provide a high level of customer service and accurate information to minimize barriers in prospective student's college decision making and application process.


Job Descriptions

The SSC and OUA Student Staff are individuals who possess a keen desire to contribute to campus and the University. If you are someone who wants to help shape the future of UWM, consider applying to join this select group of individuals!
The requirements to apply are:
  • You must be a full-time student
  • You must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
For the 2015-16 academic year, the following positions are available:


Orientation Leader: Orientation Leaders (OL) engage and welcome new students and their families at the New Student Orientation (NSO) and Transfer and Adult Student Orientation (TASO) programs during the summer months. As an OL, you will lead groups of new students through the program, give tours, implement evening social activities, and/or help students register for classes during any one of our Orientation Programs. Especially positive, enthusiastic, school spirited and motivated students are encouraged to apply.
*This position has a live-in component from late May until early August. Room and partial meals will be provided.*


Peer Mentor:  Peer Mentors are charged with helping new students acclimate to campus. Duties include: contacting and engaging students via phone, email, face-to-face and in some cases within Learning Community (LC) courses throughout the year, assisting students in accessing campus resources, and making referrals to staff in a variety of areas to support students in their academic, social and emotional success as college students.

Campus Ambassador (Tour Guide): The CAs are an integral part of the UWM recruitment team and they do more than give tours. This prominent student leadership position serves as the face of UWM to prospective students and their families, helping them become familiar with our campus community. You will assist in staffing our Visitor Center, give tours and work recruitment events - impacting the college decision-making process for prospective students. Share your UWM Pride with future Panthers!

SSC and OUA Student Staff Application Form

To apply for a position, please complete the application and submit two recommendation forms (details are below). At the beginning of the spring semester you will be contacted about signing up for an interview. Please review the position descriptions before you apply and confirm that you are able to commit to the training dates and times during the spring and summer and to the other activities involved with the positions (exceptions will NOT be made). It should be noted that we will consult with University Housing and the Dean of Students Office during the hiring process. Violations of conduct policy may impact our hiring decisions.

The 2015-16 application is now closed.

To Apply, Click Here!

Spring Training (Required for all positions):

One 2-Hour Class for 6 weeks during the spring semester

Orientation Leader Required dates:
May 18 - 31 Training and Preparation

14 2-day NSO programs and 6 TASO programs throughout June, July and early August

Peer Mentor Required dates: 

August 17 - 21 Training
August 24 - September 4 Fall Welcome

Campus Ambassador (Tour Guide) Required dates:
August 17 - 29 Training and Shadowing 

August 24 - September 4 Fall Welcome

If you have any questions or concerns about the commitment required for the Orientation Leader or Peer Mentor positions, please contact the Student Success Center at 414-229-5385 or
If you are interested in applying for an OL position, but are also considering a summer internship or summer class, please complete the application and note your summer plans in the Other Comments section of the application.
If you have any questions or concerns about the commitment required for the Campus Ambassador position, please contact Admissions at 414-229-4397 or

Applicants must also submit two recommendation forms unless otherwise noted. Please see below for details.

Recommendation Form for 2014-2015 SSC and OUA Staff Applicants

Applicants must submit two recommendation forms unless you've been nominated for the position. The first form MUST be from an academic dean, professor, TA or Academic Advisor. The second form may be from a professional reference, academic dean, professor, TA or Academic Advisor.

NOTE: Undergraduate students, current students or family members are NOT acceptable references.

Click here to download a Recommendation Form

For off-campus references, applicants may hand deliver the form in a sealed and signed envelope or may provide their reference with a self-addressed stamped envelope address to:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Student Success Center
Attn: SSC/OUA Staff Selection
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI, 53201

UWM is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

UWM Student Nomination Form

This form is for University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee faculty and staff use ONLY. By completing this form, the student noted below is being nominated for the Peer Mentor and/or OL position.

Students nominated by any one individual will be contacted about the jobs and encouraged to apply. These students will need one recommendation form to be completed by someone other than the individual that nominated them.

Nomination Form: Click Here