Campus email and calendar service for faculty, staff and students.

All official campus email notifications are sent to email addresses of record, which is Features of the pantherLINK service include an address book, calendars, task lists, the UWM Subscription Center with event calendars from campus units.

Forwarding pantherLINK email to another email service provider is not recommended because delivery of your email cannot be guaranteed once it leaves UWM servers. For example, on occasion, email from UWM may be blocked from delivery to another account.

Sending Mass Email

In order to ensure optimal service performance, there are guidelines for sending mass emails (more than 2,000 messages or recipients). Details about the Mass Email Guidelines are available online.

Storage Space

  • Faculty/staff: 7.5GB
  • Students: 1GB

Students may request additional storage space by contacting the UWM Help Desk.
Note: The Trash Folder is included in storage allocation; empty your trash folder frequently.

Student Account Usage and Records Retention

Student ePanther service accounts (including pantherLINK) remain open for two semesters (fall and spring) after departure from the University. View details of the policy online.

POP-enabled Email Clients

POP-enabled Email Clients

Documentation and Training

The Help zimlet in pantherLINK includes links to:
  • User Guide
  • Quick tips to manage calendar
  • Training documentation
  • Information to configure mobile devices
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How-to video tutorials
  • Records retention and archiving email
  • Email best practices

In addition, there are free non-credit short courses. For more information, visit the Learning TECHniques website.