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UWM Building and Facility Directory

Building Name [Abbreviation] [Facility Number]
Street Address
Alumni House [AH] [1991]
3230 East Kenwood Blvd
Architecture and Urban Planning [AUP] [1933]
2131 East Hartford Ave
Art Building [ART] [1981A]
2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Arts Center [AC] [1981]
2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Arts Center Lecture Hall [ACL] [1981L]
2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Bolton Hall [BOL] [1983]
3210 North Maryland Ave
Business Administration Building: Now Lubar Hall [LUB] [1978]
Cambridge Commons [CAMB] [1916]
2323 North Cambridge Ave
Capitol-Humboldt UPark Security Station [CHUP] [1996] 4220 North Humboldt Blvd
Chapman Hall [CHA] [1930]
2310 East Hartford Ave
Chemistry [CHM] [1974]
3210 North Cramer St
Community Audiology Services [CMAS] [1979D] 10243 North National Ave
Continuing Education Plankinton Building [CEP] [1993]
161 West Wisconsin Ave
Cozzens & Cudahy Research Center [CCRC] [1950]
9100 North Swan Rd
Cunningham Hall [CUN] [1973]
1921 East Hartford Ave
Curtin Hall [CRT] [1957]
3243 North Downer Ave
Dorms: See Sandburg Residence Hall [SAN] [1937]
Downer Woods [DW] [1960A] 2411 East Edgewood Ave
Eastlake Towers [ELTR] [1994] 4425 North Port Washington Rd
Electrical Substation East [ESE] [1915A] 3359 North Downer Ave
Electrical Substation West [ESW] [1947] 3238 North Cramer St
Enderis Hall [END] [1919]
2400 East Hartford Ave
Engelmann Stadium [ENS] 2033 East Hartford Ave
Engelmann Hall [ENG] [1931]
2033 East Hartford Ave
Engineering and Mathematical Sciences [EMS] [1985]
3200 North Cramer St
Ernest Spaights Plaza: See Spaights Plaza [SP]
Field Station: See Saukville Field Station [SFS] [1913]
Garland Hall [GAR] [1959]
2441 East Hartford Ave
Golda Meir Library [GML] [1970]
2311 East Hartford Ave
Great Lakes Research Facility [GLRF] [1901]
600 East Greenfield Ave
Great Lakes Research Facility Greenhouse [GLGH] [1999]
600 East Greenfield Ave
Greene Hall [GRH] [1920]
3347 North Downer Ave
Greene Museum [GRM] [1918]
3367 North Downer Ave
Grounds Building [GRD] [1946]
2411 East Edgewood Ave
Health Center: See Norris Health Center [NHC] [1926]
Heating Plant [HP] [1915]
3359 North Downer Ave
Hefter Conference Center [HCC] [1990]
3271 North Lake Dr
Holton Hall [HLT] [1936]
2442 East Hartford Ave
Honors House [HON] [1932F]
3363 North Maryland Ave
House of Peace [HSOP] [1979A] 1702 West Walnut St
Independent United Health Partners [IUHP] [1979E]  
Innovation Park [INNP] [1997] West Watertown Plank Rd
Johnston Hall [JOH] [1921]
2522 East Hartford Ave
Kenilworth Square Apartments [KSA] [1914A]
1915 East Kenilworth Pl
Kenilworth Square East [KSE] [1914E]
1925 East Kenilworth Pl
Klotsche Center [KC] [1917]
3409 North Downer Ave
Kunkle Center [KUN] [1977]
2114 East Kenwood Blvd
Lapham Hall [LAP] [1982]
3209 North Maryland Ave
Library: See Golda Meir Library [GML] [1970]
Lubar Hall [LUB] [1978]
3202 North Maryland Ave
Medical College of Wisconsin [ ] [1979C]  
Mellencamp Hall [MEL] [1976]
2442 East Kenwood Blvd
Merrill Hall [MER] [1922]
2512 East Hartford Ave
Milwaukee HIDTA Office [HIDT] [1979B] 801 West Michigan Ave
Mitchell Hall [MIT] [1961]
3203 North Downer Ave
Moynihan Field [MOY] [1968] 2033 East Hartford Ave
Music Building [MUS] [1981M]
2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Norris Health Center [NHC] [1926]
3351 North Downer Ave
Northwest Quadrant A [NWQ A] [1932A]
3321 North Maryland Ave
Northwest Quadrant B [NWQ B] [1932B]
2025 East Newport Ave
Northwest Quadrant C [NWQ C] [1932C]
1930 East Hartford Ave
Northwest Quadrant D [NWQ D] [1932D]
2015 East Newport Ave
Northwest Quadrant E [NWQ E] [1932E]
3355 North Maryland Ave
Northwest Quadrant Garage [NWQ G] [1932G]
2001 East Newport Ave
Pavilion [PAV] [1917A]
3409 North Downer Ave
Pearse Hall [PER] [1958]
2513 East Hartford Ave
Physics Building [PHY] [1984]
1900 East Kenwood Blvd
Planetarium: See Physics Building [PHY] [1984]
Pumping Station [PUM] [1940] 3230 East Kenwood Blvd
Purin Hall [PUR] [1987]
2600 East Kenwood Blvd
Ring Building [RING] [1956]
1849 North Martin Luther King Jr Dr
RiverView Residence Hall [RVW] [1949]
2340 North Commerce St
Sabin Hall [SAB] [1923]
3413 North Downer Ave
Sandburg Commons, Residence Hall [SAN C] [1937C]
3400 North Maryland Ave
Sandburg Residence Hall, East Tower [SAN E] [1937E]
3400 North Maryland Ave
Sandburg Residence Hall, North Tower [SAN N] [1937N]
3400 North Maryland Ave
Sandburg Residence Hall, South Tower [SAN S] [1937S]
3400 North Maryland Ave
Sandburg Residence Hall, West Tower [SAN W] [1937W]
3400 North Maryland Ave
Saukville Field Station [SFS] [1913]
3095 Blue Goose Road, Saukville
Silver Spring Nursing Center [SSNC] [1954] 5460 North 64th Street
Sinai Samaritan Hospital [SSNH] [1969] 1020 North 12th St
Spaights Plaza [SP] [1962B] 2380 East Kenwood Blvd
Student Union: See Union [UN] [1980]
Theatre Building [THR] [1981T]
2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Transit Bus Shelter [TBS] [1928] 2403 East Hartford Ave
Union [UN] [1980]
2200 East Kenwood Boulevard
University Services and Research Building [USR] [1948]
115 East Reindl Way
Vogel Hall [VOG] [1963]
3253 North Downer Ave
WATER Institute: See Great Lakes Research Facility [GLRF] [1901]
West Allis 70th Street [WASS] [1952] 1205 South 70th St
WUWM Chase Tower [WUWM] [1951]
111 East Wisconsin Ave
Zelazo Center For The Performing Arts [ZEL] [1989]
2419 East Kenwood Blvd
Zilber School of Public Health Building [ZSPH] [1992] 1240 North 10th St